Spiritual Growth and Ministry

Christmas Eve & Day: We will host two Christmas Eve Services at which all are welcome: a 7 pm family service and a 10 pm Communion Service. We will be having a regular service on the 25th at 10:00 am.

Upcoming Sermons: In the New Year, Susanne will be doing her annual Faith and Films Series, in which she preaches on how specific movies can help illuminate faith issues. Two of the movies will be Arrival and Queen of Katwe. Susanne will also be preaching on a major theme in each book of the New Testament.

Observer Magazine:  If you are interested in receiving a subscription to the United Church’s magazine, please place $25 in an envelope.  On the envelope, write, “OBSERVER” and “attention Kathy S”.  Be sure to include your name on a slip of paper inside the envelope.

Adult Education: to be posted

Sunday School: to be posted