Spiritual Growth and Ministry


Upcoming Sermons: In the New Year, Susanne will be doing her annual Faith and Films Series, in which she preaches on how specific movies can help illuminate faith issues.

Observer Magazine:  If you are interested in receiving a subscription to the United Church’s magazine, please place $25 in an envelope.  On the envelope, write, “OBSERVER” and “attention Kathy S”.  Be sure to include your name on a slip of paper inside the envelope.

Adult Education:  We are completing the first year of a three year plan to read through the Bible.  at the end of December we will have finished the New Testament and will be going on to read the Old Testament  in 2018 and the Psalms in 2019.  We meet together the first Sunday of the month in the lower level at 9:00 for a time of informal discussion of the passages we have read.  All are welcome to attend.

Sunday School:  We have an active Sunday School for all ages and use the curriculum Holy Moly.  It combines animated storytelling on DVDs, activities and crafts.