Kedron’s rental policy applies to both members and non-members alike. Renting facilities to members at a lower rate than to non-members is considered a benefit to members and will not be allowed. It could jeopardize our charitable status. There are no exceptions to these prices

For Rentals Contact: Kathy Sullivan @

For Weddings Contact: Lynda Trevail @ or (905) 728-5790

Rental Rates


  • $200.00 for use of Church
  • $200.00 for Minister
  • $125.00 for Organist
  • $50.00 for Coordinator
  • $50.00 for Caretaker +$25.00 if caretaker required for rehearsal
  • $50.00 for rental of 2 flower arrangements
  • $50.00 for rental of pew bows


Funeral services held at Kedron United Church:

  • Use of Sanctuary   – $200.00
  • Plus costs for Organist, caretaker and Minister per above if not paid by funeral home.
  • Lunch provided for funerals – a cost per person TBA
  • If self-catered, add lower hall rental.

For All Other Events: (must be approved and booked with rental coordinator a minimum one month in advance)

  • Use of Sanctuary –    $200.00
  • Use of Church Lower Hall
    • Up to 40 people $25.00 / hr (2 hr min.) up to max $80.00
    • Over 40 people $30.00 / hr (2 hr min.) up to max $110.00
  • Use of kitchen $30.00 (does not include use of dishes, stoves or dishwasher)
  • Conference Rooms $20.00 / hr (2 hr min.) up to max $70.00
  • All of the above rentals require an additional $50.00 for the caretaker

Use of Parking Lot

  • Handled on an individual basis through the Rental Coordinator

Non-Profit Groups         Information available on request.